Phoenix - Update 6

16.03.2013 - 18:16:02

Hi guys, i have quite a few exciting news for you this time, so lets get down to it.

Recently (finally) my Phoenix v 0.1 flight shields have arrived

Phoenix Shield v0.1 Phoenix Shield v0.1 Phoenix Shield v0.1

Couple of those have been already packed and shipped to few of my friends from #aeroquad.
Everything appears to be working the way it should, other then a small hole offset problem for the sensor stick support screw, everything appears to be working the way it should.

I also promised a video of the current software flying, so here it is.

Phoenix - Update 5

10.02.2013 - 14:16:19

Hi guys, as i promised, down below you can find some screenshots from my JavaScript based configurator for the Phoenix project.
There have been quite a few changes in the source since the last update, let me just point out the most important ones.

  • 1. ESC calibration was fully implemented
  • 2. Accel calibration is now saved in EEPROM
  • 3. PID values saved in EEPROM
  • 4. Ability to trigger ESC and Accelerometer calibration from Configurator
  • 5. "Special" ublox style protocol designed for Configurator

Phoenix - Update 4

02.02.2013 - 20:04:20

Hi guys, today i am proud to announce that the first Phoenix FC shield had been sent to factory for fabrication, it will take a while for shields to arrive (because of the new year celebrations in China).

But till then i can at least show you my board design.

Phoenix Shield v0.1

In the meantime, PID values and accel calibrations was moved to EEPROM
This means i will be working on JavaScript based utility (Configurator) that could be used for calibrating ESCs, calibrating accelerometer axis and also PID tuning

Phoenix - Update 3

26.01.2013 - 19:08:34

"BIG" update this time, as many of you know (and probably noticed), the Phoenix project is finally "flying" and flying really well i might add.

Working with Teensy 3.0 as flight controller was/is quite pleasant (lots of computing power compared to AVR), being able to run I2C bus faster then 400 KHz helps with the averaging and speed quite a bit.

I am also working on something i call "visualizer", its a rather simple graph and 3d visualization of the sensor/kinematics data coming from the f

Building quadcopter software from scratch - theory

26.01.2013 - 17:26:09

Hi guys, this "blogpost" should help you understand how a quadcopter stabilization works and should give you many useful pointers if you are building a flight software on your own.

I will be using aeroquad-s flight control software as a reference point (mostly because it works great and its one of the most used open source flight controllers out there).

My flight controller implementation is based on a MK20DX128 chip (found in Teensy 3.0 dev board), there is also an "older" outdated implement

Winterboard, bugs, performance & more

16.07.2012 - 12:56:52

I start this post with a little bit of bad/sad news for people using my lockscreens/skin bundles, i am temporary dropping the support for all themes..

I will list few of the main reasons why i am doing so and i assure you that i will continue to support all of my themes after few of these problems are resolved.

Image Corruption

I am pretty sure many of you already seen such glitch on your screen (especially when you respring), which isn't such a big deal (as you need to respring only once

Lockscreens & iOS 5 updates

07.07.2012 - 19:02:07

I am happy to announce that i managed to update most of my lockscreens & also starting from today they will be all available on cydia (modmyi repo) for free (as always)

List of lockscreens available via cydia (with respective names):

Lockscreen qlocktwo EN
Lockscreen qlocktwo FR
Lockscreen Swap
Lockscreen Draggy
Lockscreen Nexus
Lockscreen True Blood
Lockscreen Circles
Lockscreen Daylock
Lockscreen SlideIn

There are still few lockscreens left to be updated (few of my ancient releases), the

Winterboard Lockscreens - latest info

30.06.2012 - 18:17:51

Lately i managed to find some time to finish a few of my lockscreens, which are

Lockscreen Draggy - Lockscreen Draggy on DeviatArt
Lockscreen Nexus (interactive lockscreen) - Lockscreen Nexus on DeviantArt

The lockscreen Swap and both Nexus and Draggy lockscreens was updated to support older devices and devices running older firmware (4.2.1+)
I also started to slowly upload my lockscreen themes to cydia (on to modmyi repo), currently uploaded lockscreens:

Lockscreen qlocktwo EN

Official release of Convertor

30.06.2012 - 17:27:20

You may wanna ask "what is convertor and what does it do?"

Convertor is a free web service/personal project that will allow you to convert Eclipse color themes (for Eclipse Color Theme Plugin) to Notepad++ (read Notepad plus plus).

Some people may ask why would you wanna do that?

Well some people are migrating from Eclipse to Notepad++, some are looking for alternative lightweight editor for Windows and wanna try the syntax-highlighting features in Notepad++ with their favorite Eclipse is finally online !!!

30.06.2012 - 17:05:34

Hi, so i finally found some time to create a website that is actually for me not for others (good job after more then 5 years lol).

As not all the sections are finished (at the time of writing) you might experience some links not working (yet).
Currently only news/convertor/contact sections are functional, the iOS section (which will contain an event support table for winterboard) and portfolio section (list of my old/current projects) will be available later

This "news" is just a "warm w