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19.09.2012 - 20:12:03

Hi everyone ^^, you are probably wondering what is this project about and what i am aiming to achieve with it.

Phoenix project was originally based on RPi (raspberry pi, a tiny/affordable ARM computer), however this approach turned out to be un-successful.
After this failure i moved to more suitable platforms, at first it was AVR, currently the flight controller code runs on K20 and i will be also trying to expand to stm32.

The Phoenix project is aiming to create an cheap/affordable/expendable flying drone which goals i will now split into 4 separate categories / projects.

Main goal would be scouting area that is on fire both (outside and inside), flying with mounted heath camera, gas detector and any explosives recognizing sensor known to man, allowing firefighters to inspect building in flames without having to step inside, afterwards (from collected footage and data) an decision would be made if firefighters can go in, or just control the fire from outside.

Second goal is to create an easy to fly/cheap FPV style UAV that will be available to SAR (Search and Rescue) teams around the world, to be used (in a very similar way as the firefighting variation) to help search teams to cover bigger area in smaller time frame, allowing search teams to function more efficiently. And also give search teams with lower budget an aerial picture of the area they will be entering.

Third goal will be to create an fully-autonomous drone which you can set in any environment, drone will automatically start to scan the environment + capture video, drone will automatically return to the point of origin if battery is running low, allowing user to download captured footage with environment data to the main laptop/computer, replacing the battery and re-initializing drone to capture another path.

Fourth goal is to provide yet another open source / fully customizable helicopter/quadcopter to hobbyists, use of this drone would be totally up to you, limit for this project is only your imagination.

Current code running is running on K20DX128 micro controller from freescale (Teensy 3.0), but could be also ran basically on any AVR micro controller (with a little limited performance and capabilities)

Code repository is being hosted on github Phoenix-FlightController

Well this should give you a general idea about the Phoenix project, if you find it interesting, keep reading :-)

Please bear in mind that this project was/is funded completely from my pocket, i am having no sponsor and no one donated to support this project (yet)
If you think that this project has potential, you can click the donate button down below, if you can't afford to do so, just spread the word, any support is greatly appreciated.



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